The Vibrant

The body`s natural intelligence, in the palm of your hands

Chronic constipation is no laughing matter

35 million Americans suffer from Chronic constipation2 ,and 62% are frustrated by current constipation remedies6

Stop the frustration from your Constipation – Activate.Reset.Live with Vibrant’s advanced system.

The Treatment

Vibrant – The Future of Constipation Treatment

After 10 years of research, with leading University hospitals in the United States, such as Harvard, Michigan, Georgia and houston methodist, there is exciting news regarding chronic constipation treatment.

Vibrant innovative system synchronizes the biological clock, helping the patient’s body do what it already knows, with a non-drug approach to treat constipation symptoms naturally and effectively.

The system makes your bowel movements more predictable, helping you regain your quality of life.

Vibrant also offers an app helping patients monitor their progress and enables physicians to remotely monitor the treatment.
Vibrant in action

Easy to Use

Easy and convenient, the novel system is designed to enable predictable bowel movement and self-monitoring progress of the treatment with an interactive companion app using three simple steps:


Place the capsule in the pod


The capsule is automatically activated


Swallow the capsule
Mechanism of Action

How It Works

1. Once ingested, the capsule will gently stimulate the colon, sending signals to the brain through the Enteric Nervous System, allowing the bowel to improve its natural function.
2. The capsules are expelled with your natural bowel movement
3. To make the treatment even better, you can fill out the e-diary in the Vibrant app, allowing your physician to remotely monitor and optimize your progress.


The capsule stimulates bowel movement
by mechanically inducing vibrations


Circadian rhythm sets the body’s natural
evacuation mechanism in motion


Fill out your e-diary in the Vibrant app
(Periodical reports can be shared with your physician)

Data-Driven System

This data-driven, non-drug system helps physicians optimize workflow and relationship with the patient by digitally-optimized monitoring to provide better care at the patient-level.